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Backflow prevention is where the unwanted reversal of flow from one potentially contaminated water system flows in the opposite direction to the intended and enters the potable water system. The consequences from backflow range from being a nuisance to the very serious, even to the extent of causing the death of an unsuspecting person drinking from the contaminated water supply.

Flexiplumb are qualified to audit, install and test backflow devices. Flexiplumb complete all work in accordance with AS3500 and current water authority requirements.  Flexiplumb will assess the circumstances surrounding the supply of potable water to any property and determine your

hazard rating. Low/Medium/High
Types of devices Flexiplumb uses
Reduced Pressure Zone Devises (RPZD),
Double Check Valves (DCV),
Dual Check Valves (Dual CV)

Flexiplumb has established an experienced team of professionals whose working philosophy is based on mutual respect, quality workmanship, safety and on-time performance.

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Flexiplumb Plumbing

"Installing a Backflow prevention device prevents contamination of your water supply"