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Process of elimination / within OH&S guidelines
Many people don’t think about their roof until there is a problem. Flexiplumb covers preventative maintenance, annual inspections and repairs to all rooves. We will complete all necessary paperwork (JSA’s/ SWMS’s) prior to accessing the roof in accordance with current Workplace requirements (OH&S) and locate and repair the source of the damage.

Some roof leaks can be quite tricky and this is where our process of elimination starts. We attack the most obvious problem/s and work our way through to get to the heart of the fault.

We can replace box gutters, loose roof sheets or rectify existing systems that have been installed incorrectly.

Flexiplumb has established an experienced team of professionals whose working philosophy is based on mutual respect, quality workmanship, safety and on-time performance.




















Flexiplumb Plumbing

"When ever it rains it pours!"